Gimme a rose any other day but today, so I know you don’t need a holiday to appreciate me,
Text me any other time but your lunch break, so I know you don’t need extra time to think about me,
Send me a gift on any other day but my birthday so I know that you don’t need a special reason to buy me something.
Email me on every other subject but love so I know that i’m also your friend,
Hold my hand at any other time but during the day so i know i am your special secret,
Take me out on any other day but a special occasion so I know you can make any day special,
Call me any other pet name but mine so I know that I am your every woman,
Kiss me on any other place but my lips so I know you understand intimacy,
Touch me on any other place but my waist so I know you can still love me even when you don’t want me,
Open any other door but mine so i know you respect my independence.

For love is many different things to many different people yet Love by any other name would still be as beautiful. ❤

So today forget Luther and play me some Nas,
lets wear black instead and head out of town,
grab the sneakers and go on a hike,
kick off our shoes and watch 300 for the 7th time,
keep the roses in the garden and get that new series,
snuggle on the sofa after a game of poker,
lets order some pizza and play Play Station,
and just before midnight make a toast to yours truly,
the one person who can beat you at Mortal Kombat.

Amare Poeta

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