The Second Thirteen :-*

Love you suffer long in the sun as you wait for me to have my hair braided,
Love you are kind enough to let me have the last piece of kuku,
Love you don’t envy my smart phone when you tweet me from the cyber,
Love you do not parade me around with public displays of affection,
Love you are not too proud to hold my bag while I touch up my make up,
Love you never behave rudely when I am 2hours late,
Love you are not self seeking during the world cup, IRB sevens and 24,
Love you are not provoked to tell me sweet nothings,
Love you think no evil when I “borrow” your fave T-shirt and turn it into a nightie,
Love you rejoice in the truth because you tolerate nothing less than that!
Love you bear all soaps, and make up.
Love you believe all texts, tweets and updates,
Love you hope for all weddings, children and old age,
Love you endure all mood swings and cravings.
Three things remain, my roses, my chocolates and my love………. but the greatest of these is you, my love.

Amare Poeta.

4 thoughts on “The Second Thirteen :-*

  1. I like it for one thing, it subconciously exposes how selfless a man should be and how selfish a woman is in modern day dating. Poetically speaking, its superb!


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