Gravitational Constant

The reigns are worn. Overuse. Where the skin was soft and folding, Cuts, scabs and calluses. I am used to this. Experienced, seasoned even. However, wear and tear is real. The canvas and hide are strong, Snapped violently by the wind. Resilient. The ground giving up my pegs. Weakling. I am about to be exposed. […]

Mama Kavumbi

Sijui jina yake,  Tumcall Mama Kavumbi.  Hapo kona ya kuenda mtaani,  Anauzanga tunjugu na mahindi choma. I think nishaona ma pk hapo but siko sure.  Ye hukaa karibu na post ya stima. Kabla hujamfikia kuna wamama wengine wawili, But kuna vile Mama Kavumbi ako na kitu flani mysterious.  Sidhani ni mnormal.  Na si ati amechizi…  […]

I will not dare you. 

I will not ask you to open your eyes, Nor your ears, Your minds, And most definitely not your hearts. Rest at ease.  None of your sensory orifices, Or sensibilities,  Need fear invasion or assault,  In any way shape manner or form,  From this piece. You are safe. Comfort is a concrete  wall, You will […]

2.08am, Somewhere in Nairobi… 

12.55am.  No sleep.  Dogs are barking. Mosquitoes by my ear and forhead. Netflix. Candy crush. In my peripheral the next title loads. It is a foreign movie, subtitles et al. I can’t play, and read at the same time. Yet. I sit up. ‘Based on a short story, The Railway Aunty, by Mohan Sikka.’  A […]

A sleeping child…

9.30 pm in my arms, her right eye is slightly open,  left completely closed.  she is heavy in my arms,  fingers still wrapped around my finger.  For these small moments,  I hold on, holding her,  Close to my heart,  For longer than I should, Where she is mine,  In my womb once again,  Kicking, turning […]

Nana Baa, Mawusi*

 She occupies the white stool, An appreciation of the dirges she sang for them, Her voice, the lullaby in an inevitable slumber, *Afedomesi; who set me on the way of songs. He penned many a song, Lived many a life, Learnt many a lesson at the feet of *Afedomesi; who set me on the way […]

Little Kitten

I am not sure of whether it is a boy kitten or a girl kitten. I am sure it is a kitten. On Moi Avenue, In a corner between two glossy shops, It is shivering. It is a hot sunny humid day. A day to pull on your short shorts, Strap on your sandals, A […]