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The struggle is real!


Follow the path without knowing where it leads

Encounter yourself as you are, dispensing who you think you should be.

Avoiding fear is the trouble, acknowledging it is work

Remember you are worthy, especially without evidence.


The peril of wanting


I hide,
I elude,
I build,

Yet, They threaten to betray me,
To collapse this elaborate house of cards
Set against an unstable brick wall,

My energies perpetually expended,
There is just enough room for vague suspicion,
And terror of outright discovery,

Discovery, the great peril of want,
I yearn for its sweet release,
While at ease in its absence,

I am dangling precariously,
Posing unconvincingly,
Failing spectacularly.


Teach me

Teach me to cry,
to let my tears flow,
to let go.

Teach me to speak,
I’m hoarse from silencing,
I am tired of hiding.

Teach me to touch,
without an agenda,
for the sake of wonder.

Teach me to be naked,
to be lathered in oil,
and not recoil.

Teach me to want,
to give it a try,
before its time to die,

Teach me to be,
there is far too much doing,
barely any being.

Teach me to care,
enough to learn,
enough to forget.



Listen without cause,
Without pause,
I invite you to listen.

Listen to that breath catch,
Don’t watch,
Let yourself, listen.

Listen to what I’m not saying,
No replaying,
What I am saying is, listen.

Listen with intent out there,
In here,
Where the waves meet, listen.

Listen to the token,
Noise broken,
Outside your ears, listen.

Listen unshielded,
Secrets folded,
When you can’t, listen.



My Carpet is askew!
How long it has been that way?
I go to that room everyday.
Has it always been this way?
Has it been slowly shifting?
Big enough to make a change,
Yet slow enough to go unnoticed.

My carpet is askew…
Not everyones carpets are perfectly placed.
I’m the only one who’s noticed.
For now I can keep it that way.
No one will notice,
If they do, It is not a big deal, lol.
If they do, I’ll be seen.

My carpet is askew.
It needs a wash,
On a week when the water is cut off,
It is too cold to air outside.
So I have a carpet, which is nice.
And It is dirty,
I can’t do anything right now.

My carpet is askew,
I closed the door,
It’s sunny outside,
A good day for a walk.
Just smile and wave,
So no one will know,
My carpet is askew and dirtier now.

The Doppelgänger

Somebody Lied

Somebody said there are good people,
that there are bad people,
that you are either one or the other,
To ignore your capacity for evil is as obtuse as blinding yourself to the heights to which you can soar.
Somebody lied!

Somebody said there is a heaven and a hell,
Everyone gets to decide who goes where,
Everyone but you!
Why do we value the discipline from threats of ramifications over the power of accountability?
Somebody lied!

Somebody said they have the solution,
In 3 simple steps you can be rid of your troubles,
All for the low low price of X amount
We are solving out inside issues with your outside money!
Somebody lied!

Somebody said we are different,
That there are types of people,
Those to be embraced and those not.
The greatest deception is that we are separate.
Somebody lied!

A lie is an assertion that is believed to be false.
A lie is typically used with the purpose of deceiving someone.
The practice of telling lies is lying.
A person who lies is a liar.
Somebody lied.

The Doppelganger

The Purple Plate.

In her lifetime a woman learns many things.
Vinegar is an excellent and cheap cleaner.
Add lemon for scent.
Just enough spice is the difference between food, and great food.
When you want to lose your head?
Don’t. Because, chai with the girls is therapy!
Depending on the girls.
She will find that she has a favourite plate.
Only one out of every set of six plates she buys will survive 2 years of common use.

This is the story of one such plate.
It is round.  Plastic.  Cheap.
Blue flower painted in the center.
It has a blue flower painted in the center.
Like any plate deserving of the ‘favourite’ title.
She must be tested.
She must be bent into unconventional shapes.
Yet retain that original … feel!
She must survive being used as a sufuria cover.
And live to tell of it.
She must survive being placed dangerously close to the gas burner.
In waiting for an intricate and unique mixed version of last night’s leftovers.

With all its woes,
This plate enjoys certain fringe benefits
Case in point.
She is rarely ever found in a growing pile of dirty dishes.
She is one of the few utensils that will have intimate knowledge of every room in the house.
She is easily found even in the deepest of stupors.
And like every girl would want, can boast of true exclusivity of use and ownership.
Should others threaten said exclusivity?
None is yet to successfully dare.
Over and above all these,
It is important that she learns that though she leaves the purple plate,
The purple plate never leaves her.
Simply because, out of a set of six,
She must become only surviving plate.


Musings on a duvet and other disillusions. Ha! Genius.

You must understand that a duvet…

No, that’s not right. The duvet?… Yes. ‘The’ symbolizes importance!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.

Warm. For real?! That’s the best you could come up with? Try something with more oomph!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.
Genuine and…

Loool genuine? Have you never heard of cheap fakes? Let’s see how “genuine” they feel when you wash them and all the insides move to the ends!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.
A size for every need…

“A size for every need”?? So we are marketing now? It’s like you aren’t even trying!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.
A silent witness to what no else sees…

Sweetheart, its primary role is to COVER! OMG I can’t!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.
A silent witness to what no else knows.
Stained by longing…

Yo, how many times do you see duvets in erotica? You are trying to hard!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.
A silent witness to what no else knows.
Tear stained corners and bunched up edges.

How “original”!

You must understand that the duvet is a curious thing.
A silent witness to what no else knows.
Tear stained corners and …

Yeah, now is a good time to Hold CTRL+A then hit backspace!\

Amare Poeta

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Gravitational Constant

The reigns are worn. Overuse.

Where the skin was soft and folding,

Cuts, scabs and calluses.

I am used to this.

Experienced, seasoned even.

However, wear and tear is real.

The canvas and hide are strong,

Snapped violently by the wind. Resilient.

The ground giving up my pegs. Weakling.

I am about to be exposed.

Laid bare, visible. Seen.

One squinty eye my way are far too many.

These are my labors.

Not tiring, nor taxing. Trying.

We are a duality.

I am one and they, the other.

Not in competition for the interference of Fate.

Contant. Opposing the inevitable end.

Black Widow.

I will not dare you. 

I will not ask you to open your eyes,

Nor your ears,

Your minds,

And most definitely not your hearts.

Rest at ease.
None of your sensory orifices,

Or sensibilities,

Need fear invasion or assault,

In any way shape manner or form,

From this piece.

You are safe.
Comfort is a concrete  wall,

You will crash into it when you want to do a thing or be a way.

It may hold still and you will hurt yourself.

It may get a crack, and you will feel strong.

It may shatter to pieces, and you will be thought brave.