Spoken Word.

Word spoken in art must start by viewing the muse with your heart,
The choice of arson is linguistic in part,
and at times the voice of reason that You may choose to desert,
To prove a kind of logic that You must assert.

If you had the opportunity to be the sweetheart,
Of an audience whose ears itch for the sweet art,
but all you could give was contained in a bitter quart,
That is hard to swallow and harder still to impart?

Be warned that it is immeasurably perilous to be one who is smart,
the one who understands the state of the human heart,
just as it is invaluably rewarding to be truth’s counterpart,
and trample the foolishness you choose to verbally thwart.

Amare Poeta

1 thought on “Spoken Word.

  1. using the 26 letters to make world hang loose, u got tha talent n the real words to inspire. poetry is our vessel in tha sailin


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