There is a woman in my house,

She is not very pleasant,

Neither is she virtuous,

But she is definitely amorous.


She has always been around,

Since before I can remember,

She does whatever she pleases,

And she makes no apologies.


I am not one of her favorite people,

And she is not one of mine,

I have never seen any of her friends,

But she is “opinionated” about mine.


She likes my boyfriend, a little too much,

They have met a couple of times,

Usually he does not even notice her,

Occasionally though, he prefers her.


My friends and family have no idea she really exists,

Though a few have come close to meeting her,

And they do not like to talk about it,

But they know she loves them as much as I do.


She always says that I am boring,

Because I play by the rules,

I am not like her at all,

She writes her own rules of engagement.


At times we do agree on some things,

For so long as they benefit us both,

After all we are a grown woman,

We have no choice.


I really admire her,

She knows no fear,

That scares me,

We are a lot different and a lot alike.


She is independent and I like that,

Makes work, home and play fun,

Sometimes I am in call the shots,

Other times she is the boss.


She is about to wake up now,

We will shower, dress and head off to work,

She will read this and like she always does,

We’ll write another piece right after it.


………………………………………………………………Amare Poeta

9 thoughts on “HOUSE MATE

  1. Oh, for the kicks of it, this is beautiful! There’s no piece quite like it, nope. Deep psychological stuff.. I wouldn’t know how to capture her. I like the attitude or do you call it tone?


    1. its about our personalities. At times you can think that there is always some one else around. thanx bon 😀 😀 😀


  2. I couldn’t keep Tamia’s “Stranger in my House” tune from playing on and on in my head while reading this especially noting a few relevancies. I’m amazed at how how you reached in for the courage to write this. And it’s not really surprising that a good bunch here and to some extension the chaps at Face Book are struggling to get the drift or interpreting differently when you are expressly specific at the very start. Perhaps it’s down to how neatly you’ve dissembled the meaning while leaving the more keen to decipher the concept of “WILD SIDE” hidden in plain sight. You give the “other person” life and character by making clear the clash with the original but also indicating harmony in spite of contrast.

    A slight error in the second-last stanza shouldn’t blemish this most enjoyable poem eloquently written in simple style. There’s a consistent tone in just each of your poems and if anyone has had you read out loud before they should be able to locate your voice some where in there. You end the poem in the usual quiescent style like a leaf gently floating on air and resting on the ground.

    I guess this is where I Clap!


    1. wow am glad i waited for that. the little chink on the 2nd last stanza is there on purpose so that whoever hadn’t caught the drift of the 2 being one would catch it b4 the end of the piece.”we are a grown woman” thank you so much kev


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