Enamored by thoughts of you,

Captured in your vice grip,

Trapped in your line of sight,

I am possessed.

Taken by you appetite,

Subdued by your power,

Enslaved in your caress,

I am possessed.

I am stalked by your scent,

Pinned by your aggression,

Held down by your presence,

I am possessed.

Delirious with visions of you,

Driven by your desire,

Broken by your passion,

I am possessed.

Ignited by your rawness,

Astounded by your prowess,

Bent by your motion,

I am possessed.

Grafted by your ring,

Marked by your thoughts,

Branded by your touch,

I am possessed.

I am a woman obsessed by you,

I am a woman caressed by you,

I am a woman possessed……….

I am possessed by you.


4 thoughts on “POSSESSED

  1. whoo hoo now thats it,the flow,the imagery,the story line, the emotion,gurl zote yu nailed it down like a virgin,dyaaamn,hii na copy paste*oops


  2. I think it was Robinson Kariuki Worded, who declared you the VERBAL EMPRESS. And there need not be an explanation for that. Thoroughly enjoyable read; I think I like the Dop·pel·gäng·er very much.


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