What’s so wrong with being “normal”?

Aside from this being lack lustre this dirty little word means that we should go silently into the night waters without so much as a ripple effect.My sentiments….. NO THANK YOU!

What’s so wrong with “conformity”?

Dirtier still is this notion that we should fit a standard issue mould that was not even meant for us, unless of course you intend  to suffer the immobilizing effects of intellectual back cramps for the rest of your living days. NOT HAPPENING!

What’s so wrong with “regular”?

Now this downright dirty insult wants us to go about life with not so much as a peak or drop, as if the monotony of life isn’t enough of a drag and we are expected to perpetuate this? Allow me to reiterate…  HELL NO!

What’s so wrong with “common”?

I mean no offence to them as they are an integral part of our eco-system but you know; if you really wanted to be common you should have been born a grain of sand!

What’s so wrong with the “usual”?

Constant repetition may cause dizziness, nausea and an array of other recorded and documented aliments and or conditions unfavorable to the well being of many a rational homo sapien. I don’t know anybody who wants to walk around sick all the time!

What’s so wrong with “ordinary”?

When faced with an opportunity to be EXTRA-ordinary do you

A)     Go for it?

B)      Run the other direction?

As if (B) should even be included here. Correct me if I am wrong.

I firmly believe that God has a plan for ever single last one of us. And when you can tap into what that is you stop living under these dirty little words and start living!

………………………………..Amare Poeta

10 thoughts on “DIRTY LITTLE WORDS.

    1. thanx rich. Still searching for a new way of writting. i will need some info from you though. 😀 😀


  1. the stanza on usual got me smili’n,mornin love…i love it the way umeandika,for poets n literature lovers bt for pple who read randomly or as a habit it will not setle in easily unles explaind to them.its sarcasm and irony is advancd hence a comfortable read to me bt i doubt 4 athas


    1. thanx deary 😀 i was just exploring what i can do. this one was one of those written in frustration. it would be interesting though to see how diff pple will take it.


  2. Inspiring! I like how you’ve communicated the piece of writing. Not sure if it’s actually a poem (perhaps you can tell). You have a way with emphasis that doesn’t seem to require big-ass words, the odd punch-line or suspense. You do well enough with your wordplay; I mean you’ve taken pretty ordinary words, fused them with thought and relayed a message without it sounding like a self-help book, which in my opinion have banal recommendations and teem with hyperbole.


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