what is love?

many before me have spoken of it,
some have lauded and others have slandered,
it has been the cause of peace and of war,
of freedom and of confinement,

they spoke of endless wonder,
freeing abandonment and of pain,
they said u couldn’t do without it,
they said u could do without it,

they called it the preserve of the naive,
hailed as the breaker of pride,
revered as a cause of death,
the pre-cursor to life at least most of it.

its a chemical reaction in ur head,among other parts,
its my souls desire
its just a phase, u will get over it
its the only reason i am alive,

it makes u do the craziest of things,
it makes u do the worst of things,
it makes u do the impossible,
it makes u disregard all common sense

its dangerous i tell you,
it will drive u mad,
it will fulfill you,
it is fyi Corinthians 13,

its all been tooo confusing,
is it bad, is it good?
is it for me or not?
do i want it or do i crave it?…… yes!

i like to think am a level headed woman,
well most of the time
i say who wouldn’t want a piece,
a part of a most powerful force.

……………………….amare poeta

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