….. its the union they made fairytales about,

the one that really does end in happily ever after,

its the type of epic they wrote books about,

that will live on even in the world there after.

its about the matrimony of sound and effect,

thats consumated by word and meaning ,

reaching from soul, reaching out to souls

climaxing in an action besetting unadultarated passion,

its like liberation from a prison of silence

stepping out to be bathed in peace

and perfumed with release of heaviness

adorned with real happiness

with us for longer than any can remember,

i see it in the adoring glare sunrise,

the soft carress of the wind

in the eyes of all, young and old, written in bold

i see it as a gift,the type thats not fully unwrapped,

yet still glows a pulsating glow,

the kind of light that radiates through all

the kind of light that leaves you in awe

it tumbles out from a heart,

and gathers in a mind

it bleeds on to a page

and births poetry

when all is said and done poerty is an art, an expression and a force. i love it and i believe it’s God’s gift to us to have art in us, with us, through us and around us.

from me to you ……………………………………………………………………amare poeta

4 thoughts on “poetry

    1. i dont think i did it justice with this one piece but i am planning a series on nothing but poetry in itself.


  1. i love this piece though it falls short of delivery,as i was reading it,I felt as if yu trimmed it short,it has a great vybe bt it ends no sooner has the mood set,i love your work n am not bitching just saying ma opinion.the piece is great but….has more pontential.


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