think happy thoughts…

my today, my yesterday,

thoughts forming like fired pots of clay ,

a tirade of things i cannot say ,

beholding truth that will not pass away.

when morn after morn without delay,

hiding behind clouds of cotton hay,

the serene beauty of a solitary ray,

shining into where my heart lay.

soaring is the way,

a myriad of scenes play,

of soaring delight clear as day,

the warm sound of laughter without a sole tinge of gray.,

this is the way,

i choose to spend every waking day

let the rain fall if it may,

but i will take the risk and go out to play.

life isnt always sunnyside up, smiley faces n lol…. sometimes its rough, hard, painful and just downright wrong. but here is the upside of this all the bad is from outside influence, if its not the jam, ni mat imekushukisha wrong stage, if its not a near impossible deadlines at the office, its a the suprise quiz ur lecturer just decided to set, n lets not even talk of our ever dedicated public and government officials, hurt from loved ones, pains from the past, anxiety of the future and worries from the present….. u know….. Nehemiah {8:10} Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for [this] day [is] holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry for; …….

when all is said and done do u know how that verse ends?.”…the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

from me to you.

5 thoughts on “think happy thoughts…

  1. Kidnap The President’s Wife Without A Plan
    Kidnap The President’s Wife Without A Plan
    Yeah, I got a plan
    It’s etched with a knife in the center of my hand
    So I guess I’m gonna have to keep my fist clenched
    Walk around State House in the rain till my wares is drenched
    Do a press conference about the great shape this country’s in and when them welfare cuts is gonna begin
    And when he takes out the garbage with his dog and kiss his wife goodbye, that’s when I move in
    I throw that First lady in a headlock
    I muffle her grill so her screams stop
    I whisper to her,”Your man ain’t here to protect you, baby. He gone.”
    I dial up my cousin, Royco
    Tell him,”Meet me with the kalikali on the white lawn.”
    I tossed her in the backseat
    I covered her head with a black sheet
    Put the steel to her mouth piece
    Be like,”If you don’t shut up, I’m gonna let two shots in your dome piece.”
    Watch her have fits
    If she don’t understand, I’m gonna give the quick lesson in ebonics
    “I’m gonna shoot you, Lucy.”
    I take her to my hideout in the low income houses down the street
    I replace her Jones & Davids with Akalas on her feet
    I give her four hungry kids, no job, no ambition, no family support, and a last welfare check
    I give her crappy-ass Medicade and an ill type of growth growing out the side of her neck
    I tell her,”Fend for yourself, keep you and them babies in proper health.”
    And after sufficient time on that hype
    I introduce her to the crackpipe
    I let her feel its soothing effects as she tries to forget about the absence of them checks
    I make her sell her jewels for it
    I make her pay her dues for it
    And then I’ll come to her late at night
    And I’ll be like, “Yo, everything ain’t gonna be alright, you ain’t gonna be able to go quietly in that good night. Peace ain’t come till your death be done.”
    And then I’ll lead her up to the roof
    And I’ll show her all the stuff she don’t own
    I lead her over to the edge
    And leave her there all alone.

    couldnt help but represent for depression


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