Listen without cause,
Without pause,
I invite you to listen.

Listen to that breath catch,
Don’t watch,
Let yourself, listen.

Listen to what I’m not saying,
No replaying,
What I am saying is, listen.

Listen with intent out there,
In here,
Where the waves meet, listen.

Listen to the token,
Noise broken,
Outside your ears, listen.

Listen unshielded,
Secrets folded,
When you can’t, listen.


1 thought on “Listen

  1. I really like the line “…Listen to that breath catch…” for some odd reason. It paints a mental picture of a poignant spoken word performance.
    The clever wordplay in that third stanza is another delicious surprise.
    Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I love it when someone is able to listen intuitively and hear what isn’t said when one is speaking. Hearing nuances is a beautiful gift and the reason why I like this piece so.


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