Somebody Lied

Somebody said there are good people,
that there are bad people,
that you are either one or the other,
To ignore your capacity for evil is as obtuse as blinding yourself to the heights to which you can soar.
Somebody lied!

Somebody said there is a heaven and a hell,
Everyone gets to decide who goes where,
Everyone but you!
Why do we value the discipline from threats of ramifications over the power of accountability?
Somebody lied!

Somebody said they have the solution,
In 3 simple steps you can be rid of your troubles,
All for the low low price of X amount
We are solving out inside issues with your outside money!
Somebody lied!

Somebody said we are different,
That there are types of people,
Those to be embraced and those not.
The greatest deception is that we are separate.
Somebody lied!

A lie is an assertion that is believed to be false.
A lie is typically used with the purpose of deceiving someone.
The practice of telling lies is lying.
A person who lies is a liar.
Somebody lied.

The Doppelganger

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