Come to me, Mistress.
I am desperate.
To hell with composure,
There is no place for pride,
Speak to me again,
Hidden In plain sight.
I will share your words.
Please, come to me.

Come to me, Mistress.
Like you used to,
In the dead of night,
When I am naked,
Before the sunrise,
I will experience your ministrations,
As one consumed in spiritual ecstasy.
Please, Come to me.

Come to me, Mistress.
As a heady release of dew at sunrise,
My eyes will not close in pleasure,
My eyes will open in wonder,
My head will roll back,
And I will know truth,
I will know you.
Please, come to me.

Come to me, Mistress.
When there is no one home,
In the small afternoon hours
When the sun bathes us,
The wind dries us,
We will sit in the shade of an extravagant secret,
Bereft of the world and wealthy in hedonistic exploits,
Please, come to me

Come to me, Mistress
You are not my everything,
You are not my only,
You are not mine,
I shall not claim you. Again.
Give me the certainty in your arms embrace
The freedom of your body. Again.
Please, come to me


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