The Purple Plate.

In her lifetime a woman learns many things.
Vinegar is an excellent and cheap cleaner.
Add lemon for scent.
Just enough spice is the difference between food, and great food.
When you want to lose your head?
Don’t. Because, chai with the girls is therapy!
Depending on the girls.
She will find that she has a favourite plate.
Only one out of every set of six plates she buys will survive 2 years of common use.

This is the story of one such plate.
It is round.Β  Plastic.Β  Cheap.
Blue flower painted in the center.
It has a blue flower painted in the center.
Like any plate deserving of the ‘favourite’ title.
She must be tested.
She must be bent into unconventional shapes.
Yet retain that original … feel!
She must survive being used as a sufuria cover.
And live to tell of it.
She must survive being placed dangerously close to the gas burner.
In waiting for an intricate and unique mixed version of last night’s leftovers.

With all its woes,
This plate enjoys certain fringe benefits
Case in point.
She is rarely ever found in a growing pile of dirty dishes.
She is one of the few utensils that will have intimate knowledge of every room in the house.
She is easily found even in the deepest of stupors.
And like every girl would want,Β can boast of true exclusivity of use and ownership.
Should others threaten said exclusivity?
None is yet to successfully dare.
Over and above all these,
It is important that she learns that though she leaves the purple plate,
The purple plate never leaves her.
Simply because, out of a set of six,
She must become only surviving plate.


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