I will have you.

in a noisy matatu moving fast into the CBD,

Oblivious to the chaos as I think of you, I will have you,

hands entwined as we sip tea on a balcony,

Looking in each other’s smiling eyes, I will have you,

talking about twitter hash tags,

And planting 310 seeds, I will have you,

when Nairobi lights bathe us in soft light,

On the ride home, I will have you,

while you are in the shower,

And I slip into a nightie, I will have you,

nestled in the embrace of my hands and bosom,

And you make your home between my limbs, I will have you,

satiated and drifting into peaceful sleep,

Dreaming of your secret things, I will have you,

in the morning as you stretch and yawn,

Seeing me next to you, I will have you,

with me.

Black Widow

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