I hope this letter finds you well,

It has been many days and many nights gone,

The days have been sufficiently long.

As the nights have been short,

I have so much to write,

Yet so little ink!


Tragedy is doing quite well,

She graduated with first class honors,

You always said she would make an impression,

And indeed she left an indelible one,

She continues to sulk about though,

Your departure has taken its toll on her.


Sister Greed has added on an unmentionable number of kilos,

Your Mother is afraid she will outgrow her skin one day…

Last week, at my birthday,

She ate the whole darn cake! Again!

I forgave her as usual,

You know it is very hard to resist her big charms.


This letter will not be complete,

Not without Lust’s latest antics,

Her latest conquest is quite a young thing,

The poor dear has no clue what is going on!

She still wears your dress when it suits her,

But I fear her wardrobe is bordering on non-existent!


Our daughter Poetry is growing fast,

She is dating an overly expressive boy,

He reminds me of myself before I met you!

Being with her everyday is a living reminder of you,

Though it would be much better if you would return,

She misses you and speaks of you often.


I miss you terribly,

I find it hard to cope without you,

To revel in the lunacy that reminds me of you,

It seems that on your departure,

You carried with you my insanity,

I am now forced remain trapped here with your family.


Until I see you again my Love.


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