It has dawned on me,

Like the blackness of night on a beautiful meadow,

There are far too many shades of this,

And not enough tints of that,

Palettes of compromise where,

Bold brush strokes are scattered and dumbed down for mass misuse!

This is why information is a click away,

Yet knowledge remains put away,

Leading people to believe that wisdom today,

Is what Dr. Nickname shall post on his timeline today!

Or a sunny disposition brought on by a bottle a day,

A colorful world rolled up for a couple of puffs a day

We are living in a modern classic painting,

Which to the viewer is presented as an impression of,

Rich digital content,

Pixilated with malicious intent,

Canvassed as sexually potent,

And framed as morally impotent!
It’s politically correct to be 50 shades of grey,

Because black is offensive,

And white naive

Those are 2 kinds of people in this world

The ones who see in black and white,

And those who see in every other color!

I would rather be in a post modern impression that isn’t ‘Abstract’!

A mural without any shades or tints or light contact,

Painted with a solid and dense extract,

So that a glimpse from every angle will be exact!

A critique from everyone will be based on fact,

Not some new age wave that made them react.

The Doppelganger


  1. Darkness conceals the beauty of a meadow the same way in which compromise blinds us to the true potential that lies within us to work, love, do good, remain principled, defend our rich culture, respect everyone.
    This piece keeps getting deeper and is still revealing itself to me piecemeal.
    You, my dove, have matured into a Picasso with a pen.


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