Tread softly.

Loudly, the masses lay sleeping.

Dreaming, they build towers,

Hours, spent in fantasy,

Ecstasy, provided by an Escape!


Tread softly.

Silently, evil souls are waiting,

Nibbling, like rats in the sewers,

Brewers, of every kind of hypocrisy

Noisy, championing a brand named apathy!


Tread softly.

Diligently, those rodents are serenading,

Burrowing, deeper into consciousness thought ours,

Powers, seeking dominion via controversy,

Easy, as birthing nothing from Indifference!


Tread softly.

Discreetly, start from within, growing,

Unrelenting, bring forth burning showers,

Followers, worthy and gutsy,

Unfussy, as the midwife who conceives!


Tread softly.

Swiftly, as the eagle descending,

Calculating, while she devours,

Answers, like the fruition of prophesy,

Busy, in the business of averting chaos!



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