Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Sometimes I wish I coulda tried,

To do what it was I shoulda done,

Then maybe right now I woulda had,

Everything I believed coulda had.

It sounds cliché because it shoulda been,

The story you woulda seen

On the TV shows you coulda watched,

If you stayed in, doing what you shoulda been.


I have waited for the little twists that woulda come,

On the winding roads that coulda gone,

To every place I shoulda stopped,

And every place I woulda started.

But the words I guess I coulda used,

To get directions to where I shoulda gone,

Were lost on the echoes that woulda repeated it.



All the flats I coulda changed,

Were left by the road I shoulda walked,

Leading to the place I woulda hoped,

Had everything I coulda thought,

would show me what I shoulda seen.

When you think you woulda stopped,

You might wanna think of what coulda happened,

If God did what He shoulda done,

When you failed to do what you woulda done.


Amare Poeta

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