You are like my favorite song,

I don’t have you on my playlist,

And you are not the first song I play,

But every time I scroll down,

It’s enough to see you there.


A while back, my phone died on me,

It just wouldn’t start up,

I might have thought of the contacts that I had lost,

Or the inconvenience of being without a phone,

But what hurt the most was losing you in there.


So I saved you in my computer at work,

On my other phone and my sister’s ,

I could almost hear you on the iPod I cannot afford to buy,

And I picture myself listening to you on Monster pro Beats by Dre,

I also have you saved on my email account. Just in case!


I always switch to shuffle,

That way I can pretend to be surprised when you start to play,

Then I turn the volume all the way up,

And wait for the beat to kick in,

When that beat starts I smile and sing along to you.


And when I go days without hearing you,

I put on the radio,

And there you are,

When you stop playing, I stop everything,

To go someplace quiet and listen to you again.


Amare Poeta

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