I used to watch her, all the time.
Whenever I had a chance, I would follow her as well.
Everytime I saw her, I felt happy,
We had a connection, a bond.
I wanted to have something just like that.

Every morning she would greet me with a smile,
Ask me how I slept and prayed for me,
Then she would wash and dress me,
And teach me alot about this and that,
I wanted to be just like that.

I liked watching her put on her make up,
When she wasn’t around I tried to put some on,
I never did get it quite right,
That made her angry at times, though usually it made her laugh.
That was because I wanted to look just like her.

She made magic in that kitchen,
Every now and then she would let me help,
Cut the onions, Peel the potatoes,
Wash those plates, I never liked to do the dishes.
But I wanted to cook just like her.

Sometimes I saw her crying,
Then her girlfriends would come and they cried together.
Before long, they would all be laughing and dancing together.
They liked to talk alot and fix each others hair, nails and problems.
That made me want to be strong like them.

We used to take walks to the shop together,
When she walked her hips swayed,
When I tried to walk like her, it made her laugh,
And she used to say, all in good time.
I thought I should be patient, just like her.

Sometimes her hands were rough and her feet were dirty after a long work day,
She would disappear into the bathroom for nearly an hour,
Then reappear to check if me and daddy had eaten,
Daddy called her Sweety and continued to tell her all the mischief their little lady had been up to.
She said in time I will be a Lady, just like her.

From Amare Poeta to all the women who taught her to be a woman.

Especially Mum and mummy

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