Weekend plot

Once upon a time, a long long time ago we had standards.  Before the erotically inclined church elder, frequently spotted with a generously endowed choir mistress, who happens to be lawfully wedded to the itchy fingered treasurer recently spotted purchasing a brand new car for a yet unnamed mini skirted usher.

It was a time long before the paper loving and computer love. Before the exclusively patroned first service, whose pews are guarded by the
Financially elite, morally depraved and confuciously confused masses.

Yes way back when before they scratched off the no hawking sign but left the no preaching one. Before we had a difference between motivational speakers and preachers, between Gospel and inspirational music, before ministry became a job and not a calling.

Oh the  the good times were just amazing but that was before the wannabe levites outnumbered the sons of levi. Long before the daughters of zion forgot their place in the kingdom and took a place in the club. That time before the fathers of sons became rides to church, before mothers of daughters became pimps in the name of helping choose a life partner.

That was then, but this is when we forget the ten, and chose to pen something more palatable to men. Puff puff pass the opium of the poor, because the rich have gotten to queer, and the children are anything but dear.

It was in the days long past before, crooked clergy coaxed crooked congregants to contribute to crooked causes to somehow offer retribution for leading crooked lives in this crooked age. That is just plain crooked.
Tweeting about God’s wisdom, updating your Facebook status with a Bible verse while you download something from porn.com will not reduce the hell fire to a sauna effect.

Go ahead download a Bible app on your iPhone, or get regular updates for local church on your android, or have the entire pastoral team on your Blackberry messenger. It wont matter because Wi fi  don’t work where your going to go.


5 thoughts on “Weekend plot

  1. Splendid. Righteous anger.I love that you didnt spare the do-gooders who collectivelly got their esteem in the last decade, as did the music video vixens-its a career now. Put forward your best impersonation of an idol and then get together with like-minded dodos=swag(suckers who act gay)and..al stop now. Good post.


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