So there I was strolling along, consumed by my own fabulous existence. I had my headphones blaring on to the next one by jay z (off the blueprint album) because am gangsta like that. A left then a couple of
rights later I was at the ‘Mezzanine’, read fast food, self-service restaurant with smoke and mirrors
that provides balcony and/or upstairs seating.I sat propped up on my stool with the paperbag  whose steaming contents would prove to be the satisfaction of a 2 day long craving. Just as i was about to make the last drumstick past tense, my attention wandered to the screen in the far corner. A man was pronouncing unparalleled, undying, unconditional love to the object of his affections. The man pulled out all the stops, I am talking flowers, singing mariachis, candles and a romantically set dinner. As if that was not enough, this guy looked like he walked out of a fitness magazine, absolutely no visible fleshy bits, rippling sinew and muscle of a well sculpted adamic descendant. And the smile… WOW!!!

I sat entranced by the whole scene and strange things started to happen to me. My head began to tilt ever
so slightly, and a sheepish smile started to pull at the edges of my lips. Before i could marshal all my
soap opera loathing reactions to retaliate, it happened! Yes. A grown woman in a public place, with mirrors, turning to absolute mush. I took a quick look around to make sure I didn’t know anybody there. That confirmed, I sipped my coke and mushed on.

Back to the screen the drama was just beginning. A scene later the lucky girl, let’s call her Senorita, was
walking home alone in a dark alley. The screen cuts to her hunky beau entering his rather flashy car
with thoughts of his senorita. He remembers she loves roses, so he buys a solitary stem and speeds off to her. Back to senorita; a strange man starts to follow her. By his obviously exaggerated make-up and sharp contrast to Senorita’s well chiseled beau, I can already tell how this scene is going to go. The ugly man attack. She starts to fight back, but Mr. Ugly is relentless. He reaches for her bag. She jerks back away from him. He slaps her. She is on the ground, screaming and crying. Mr. Ugly is not happy. He pulls out a knife and plans to make mince meat out of the Latina bombshell that is Senorita. Suddenly a car screeches to a halt! Surprise, surprise it’s her beau. She reaches a hand to him, a desperate cry for help in her eyes and Mr. Ugly takes a swing with the knife. Not to worry because Beau, predictably of course,
also happens to have lightning fast reflexes and has color belted pro karate skills. Beau catches the knife and a duel for the honor of the damsel in distress, Senorita, ensues. Punches, kicks, groans and cuts later, Beau emerges the victor sending Mr. ugly fleeing into the shadows. A romantic background song begins. Senorita falls thankfully into Beau’s massive biceps and all the more in love with the valiance of her well chiselled Beau. The episode ends with the two lovers in a pg 16 passionate embrace.

And the moral of the story is? This is the reason many women love their soaps. mexican or otherwise. aside from the beau-like eye candy, there is something deeper there. First; he thought about what she liked, see romantic surprise. How many times do we say ‘I wish he paid more attention/listened or more importantly remembered?’. Secondly; he showed that he thought about her, he got her a
rose as proof. How many times do we say, ‘he acts as if i was’nt even there!’. Thirdly; he would risk even his life for her. I don’t like soaps for all their predictable storylines and luck lustre, not to mention corny, conversation. However, I have come to appreciate that sometimes when Beau and signorita are on your screen, the belief in romance,bravery, chivalry and that dreamy love that beats all the ups and downs is somehow rekindled.

Gents don’t need to be sculpted after a greek god, or be Bill Gates or an action hero.Its about showing her romance, bravery, chivalry and love. Oh and ladies. programs mostly tend to over exxagerate situations
drop the ‘Why can you be more like Beau?’, and start the ‘Baby would you…? So next time she remembers to cook you your favorite meal; or he remembers your favorite movie and/or writes you a hip hop track… Take a trip outside your minds and listen not only to what is being said, but also what is meant.


Over and outside your mind….Julz 🙂



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