To have or not to have!

Mama had no shoes,

Papa had no coat,

Every rainy day she went to the farm,

Every cold night he cared for another man’s property.


Mama never used a cream,

Papa never used a blade,

She never seemed to age,

He was always warm and fuzzy.


Mama never went on a diet,

Papa never saw a gym,

She was round and jolly,

When he laughed he grabbed his belly.


Mama had no jewellery,

Papa never wore a watch,

She just seemed to shine from inside,

He was never late


Mama didn’t watch Martha Stewart,

Papa never bothered with Donald Trump,

She kept the house and food beautiful,

The house he built still stands today.


Mama didn’t know how to read,

Papa didn’t know how to write,

There was nothing she didn’t understand,

There was nothing he couldn’t work out.


Amare Poeta

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