The masquerade that you have worn,

Worn from over use and constant exposure,

Exposure to the elements has made it weak,

Weak so that no longer serves its purpose.


Purpose not to hide,

Hide that one secret, those many secrets,

Secrets you keep to blackmail your self,

Your self is growing more and more fed up.


Up until you believed that it was necessary,

Necessary for you to function,

Function in a time and place you don’t want to be,

Be honest, what or whom pushed you to wear it?


It is very strange!

Strange that you are aware,

Aware of the fact that whatever it is, you may be hiding,

Hiding does not in fact mean it is no longer present.


Present yourself with the challenge,

Challenge the what or whom that is,

Is donning this masquerade worth it all?

All the hurt and turmoil it must surely welcome.


Welcome to the day you will never forget!

Forget every other date but not Today!

Today don’t be shy, be bold!

Bold enough to take off your masquerade!


………………………………………Amare Poeta

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