I called you the other day,

I needed someone to talk to,

But your number wasn’t going through,

So I hit redial.


It went straight to voicemail,

If only you had recorded a personal greeting,

But it was the default operator greeting,

So I hit redial.


It rang a few times,

I was happy, I couldn’t wait,

But the ringing stopped!

So I hit redial.


There is no way you can ignore my call,

You said you were a call away,

You used to call and liked it when I called,

So I hit redial.


Someone else picked your phone,

She said you were not close by,

And without another word she hung up!

So I hit redial.


This time it rung again,

This time I was sure,

But it kept on ringing. No answer!

So I hit redial.


Oh no! I can’t believe this,

My battery just died,

I hooked up the charger and it came back on,

So I hit redial.


I could just text you,

Or maybe leave you a voicemail,

But it won’t be the same,

So I hit redial.


If only just to hear you say, “Hello!”

So that after the call is over,

I can stare at my phone and smile,

And hit redial.


……………………………. Amare Poeta

3 thoughts on “REDIAL

  1. you know i read this and thought of how Evericko was talking about ati cutting communication!!! I cannot stand men like those!!!! i love this piece the events are so familiar. i love how you do that


    1. Yeah that cut communication thing dont fly well with me too. The bits of relationships we love to hate. Come 2 think of it let me hit redial.


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