There are ghosts among us,

Phantoms and apparitions around us,

They live among us,

And they go about their business with us.


They are hiding in plain sight, everywhere,

They are smart and can fit in, anywhere,

You may think they are with you; look closely they are nowhere,

I like to think they must have a source, somewhere.


Why are they here?

How did they get here?

What do they want here?

Where are they in here?


Today I saw one,

This was my chance to speak to one,

Somehow I needed to know one,

She looked at me she was a young one.


They are hollow within them,

They have vacuums inside them,

Their eyes have blank looks in them,

So you can see no emotion in them.


Why are you here?

How did you get here?

What do you want here?

Where are you in here?


I had so many questions to ask her,

I tried to understand her,

I wanted to know her,

To find out what made her.


She turned toward me just then,

Oiled her face and licked her lips, then,

She checked her hair, bowed her head and right then,

She looked me in the eye and in the mirror I asked then.


Why am I here?

How did I get here?

What do I want here?

Where am I in here?


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