He is not at the pulpit, preaching,

He is not at the church, supporting,

He is not at home, providing,

He is not at the house, protecting,

He is not at the school teaching,

He is not at there, guiding,

He is not at work, producing,

He is not at working, helping,

He is not in court, administering,

He is not on the floor, defending,

He is not on the high seat, leading,

He is not in parliament, representing,

He is not in my bed, creating,

He is not in his bed dreaming,

He is not with his children, playing,

He is not at peace, living,

He is not with a cause, fighting.

He is not where he is doing as he should,

He is not where he is being as he should.

……………………………………………….Amare Poeta

2 thoughts on “WHERE IS HE?

  1. Outside at least three lines where for the first time I’ve noted errors of omission, it’s another male-basher, written not in a no-holds-barred style but communicated in simple realistic tones that points an accusing finger in the direction of the absentee man! Perhaps it’s your way of imploring the men reading this not to follow the terrible way of the antagonist here. I certainly hope not to join that band of ill-reputable ilk. The points at the doors of the heart. Will we acquiesce?


    1. I am not bashing my dear just saying. There are men no doubt but where are they? I agree that there are good men out there. The upcoming piece for this series will tell you a little more. About the errors of omission, do tell!


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