So he will never feel the cold,
I will dress all the skimpier,
I will stalk around at night all the longer,
I will let my past make me all the icier,

So he will never sleep hungry,
I will feed their appetites and leave them hungrier,
I will make sure I keep it all the tighter,
I will make them all harder.

So he can have the best education,
I will learn all the tricks to drive them crazier,
I will have them thinking I am the best out there,
I will spread my legs wider and bend all the way over.

So he never lacks a roof over his head,
I will do it anywhere,
I will not care,
I will always go there.

So he can have a voice of his own,
I will moan n scream louder,
I will purr n call them “tiger”,
I will laugh all the louder.

So he can have all the best,
I will be all the slutier,
I will go even further,
I will be the one who is hotter

So he can live life,
I will kill myself all the slower,
I will be the blunder,
I will get a little richer.

So he can be a saint,
I will be the worst kind of sinner,
I will go beyond being just a mother,
I will be a provider.

…………………………………………….. Amare Poeta

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