That was then,
That was when
I used to care,
I used to dare,
I had an essence,
I made a difference,
I used to dance,
I had that balance,
I was graceful,
I wasn’t forceful,
I used to take my time,
I used to have time,
I used to look at myself in the mirror,
I used to think clearer,
I really tried,
I had no pride,
I was a tower,
I had the power,
I was the girl,
I was a pearl,
I didn’t wait for a sign,
I knew there was a design,
I used to laugh,
I had a smile,
I had a life,
I didn’t bother with strife,
I worked hard,
I played hard,
I used to heal,
I didn’t steal,
I searched for light,
I wasn’t afraid of night,
I had the “IT”,
I was a hit,
I studied,
I wasn’t hurried,
I truly loved,
I had that solved,
I used to sing,
I sang about everything,
I was there,
It didn’t matter where,
That was then,
That was when,
I was the me,
I used to be,
I was the me,
I want ….. ed to be.

…………………………………………………………..Amare poeta

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