LOVE, meaning….

Concern for the well-being of others

Is just a word

When you kiss your spouse goodnight

And txt your lover goodnight,

When you see a person hurting

But you say somebody else should do the helping

HONESTY, meaning….

Truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness

Is just a word

When you look me in the eye,

Tell me a bold faced lie,

You go around preaching water,

N ur a bleeding wine tottler

RESPECT, meaning….

To show regard or consideration for

Is just a word

When you are too busy cat calling,

I am too busy booty popping,

Mum n dad are getting way too old,

So I won’t give them an ear or do as I am told

HONOR, meaning….

Integrity in one’s beliefs and actions

Is just a word

When what I stand for in thought or activity,

Is subjected to the theory of relativity,

When my idea of pride,

Becomes but a catch phrase of a feeling long since dead.

DIGNITY, meaning….

Bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect

Is just a word

When I show all my skin and even more coochie,

Jus to get some animal skin named Gucci

When I work day to day facing hunger,

Jus to impress na nifunge yule chips funga

JUSTICE, meaning….

The quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness

Is just a word

When I fly around the world for men with numerous homes,

And only go woiye when I see people with tents for homes,

When I get thrown in nikiwa route 11,

But politely incarcerated nikiwa na gari ya mita 11

PEACE, meaning….

A state of mutual harmony between people or groups

Is just a word

When you scream peace at the top of your lungs at a rally,

Yet you can’t wait to throw daggers at your ally,

When you are scared to go home,

Because you know they are home.

……………………………amare poeta

6 thoughts on “JUST WORDS

  1. if this is your i see piece,yu nailed it,the pose in stanza,breakage in flow,its hard to come by bt still,damn you nailed it,what i like more is the subject matter,its more at home,what i see,what i live in,you crafted it exceptionally perfect


  2. Such a heart-eviscerating poem. The clash of definition and the opposite is profound, but perhaps only to one with a conscience or someone who pays a bit more regard to it. Touching.


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