There are many love stories,

Out of some they made soap operas,

Out of one they made a life.

There were no trailers or sequels,

No dramatic sound effects or camera angles,

They were just 2 ordinary people.

There were no dreamy magazine cover gazes,

Not too much make or new outfits,

There were just 2 hands in each others.

There were no P.D.A’s,

Or serenades outside the windows,

But both knew just how the other felt.

They didn’t call each other off the hook,

Or have each others numbers on speed dial,

But they communicated in a special way.

Their gifts weren’t custom made, custom paid,

Not rare, one of a kind, on the brink of extinction,

But they hand made, hand delivered.

The proposal was not at a fancy restaurant,

The ring had no big rock and even if you squinted how, you wouldn’t see a thing,

But he asked and she said yes.

The invitations weren’t elaborately embroidered,

And they didn’t even bother to call up the wedding show,

But before God and a few others they became man and wife.

They didn’t go to a lot of places,

They didn’t do a lot of things,

But they went all the way to the little things.

……………………………. Amare poeta

2 thoughts on “A LOVE STORY

  1. great poems are often a simple read,easty to understand,easy to conjure the emotion,and this is a great piecee,lovely to the end.


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