There is this misconception,

That control is the 1st option,

Do not assume that I subscribe to such a foolish notion,

Come on take my dare,

Live without a care,

And breathe real air

No one pulls my strings,

No puppeteer behind the curtains,

Nobody behind the scenes fidgeting wit my controls,

Yes, I burn.

I burn bright.

And I burn hot,

These are the differences I want to make clear

I am not imprisoned by fear,

No loyalties to what you think dear,

I hanker for bliss,

And welcome that hedonic kiss,

If you’re smart you will see nothing is amiss,

I can take you,

Somewhere you will forget you,

Make it all about you,

When your desire comes knocking,

To open the door I am willing,

That is the treatment that will keep you coming.

I know what it is I want,

I get what it is I want,

If nice is what u want,

I am happy to disappoint,

Boundaries are nothing but checkpoints,

So you can check; how far past the no return point.

………………………………………………… doppelganger

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