….. let us pray

n now a moment of silence,

silence from the world,

silence from yourself,

silence, refuge, peace.

n now you must recognize,

you must realise,

what is about to happen,

the experience you are about to have,

now go into your closet,

where no one can see,

no one can hear,

and meet your Maker,

now open your heart,

bear yourself,

break and rent yourself,

your true self must be seen,

now open your mouth,

let what u hid in your heart,

come from your lips,

let your spirit speak.

now ask what you will,

seek what you will,

knock where you will,

but it must be His will.

n now take a breathe,

a deep breath,

you have had your chance to speak,

so now it is time to listen.

now hear what is in the raging thunder,

hear what is in the earthquake

hear what the still small voice says

hear from the  spirit

now step out,

it is done,

let your face glow,

even in the darkest of places.

…………………………………………………..amare poeta

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