that must be you

that must be you,

just around that corner,

because my heart is beating really fast,

n i have butterflies in my tummy,

and my my hands are twitching,

that must be you,

on the other end of this line,

because i feel so calm,

and i’m smiling and i cant stop,

i’m really a little too happy,

that must be you,

right here with me,

because ur the only one there,

i feel a little too sweet,

and a little short of breath.

that must be you,

looking into my eyes,

because am too shy to look back at yours,

i feel them all over me,

and i cant hide a thing,

that must be you,

loving me,

because i know you really care,

i never have to wonder

and if it will last forever,

that must be you,

standing at the altar,

making me feel like the only woman ever,

till death do us part.

………..that must be you

…………………………………………….amare poeta

4 thoughts on “that must be you

  1. it must have been you
    to write this piece
    it must have been you
    who elucidated these feelings in me
    it must have been you
    it always will be you

    lovinn it


  2. it must have been love
    no doubt it was…
    but then again my heart sank
    …..twas’ just a dream….

    you rock!


    1. nyc line. thanks alot. hope you will make it to Nairobi’s finest. on friday 25th march 2011 frm 7pm at the dass restaurant, woodvale grove westlands. damage is 3sok


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