i took the bus today

i took the bus today,
i had to run to catch it in ma flats,
cant jump over sewage in these heels,
the buses here are fast as devils,
when the truth of the matter is,
we cant afford to spend so much on the comfort of breaks.

i took the bus today,
a little jog always helps,
so you can get in through the doors,
so bag around ma neck n skirt at my thighs,
am in! there is a spot at the back seats,
now the makeover begins,

i took the bus today,
i started with the wig for us, no expensive hairdos,
i also need to add more vaseline in ma container for lip gloss,
and for the perfume mmmh..lets see. oooeeee fungua windows,
here comes the man asking for fare at least to day i have that so no sly winks,
everyone is almost sleepy and the only ones awake are those picking pockets,

i took the bus today,
i have to be careful, we were supposed to get roads,
every election year they are coming for now we have routes,
scenic views of rolling hills of garbage and peaceful drunks,
men and women bent over in half ferrying to the market massive sacks,
strong young men coming back home from a night of shopping at the neighbors,

i took the bus today,
it rocked from side to side, am lucky i don’t  believe in early morning meals,
up and down, this way and that it rattled and shook like those in the musicals,
soon you can see our neighbors houses,
it must be good to live in stone walls,
then there it is, over the horizon, the city of dreams

i took the bus today,
and for many other days,
when i look above see beyond the skies,
the harsh life must grow my skills,
the bad times must drive me past the limits
and live the life fit for the stars.

the reality of what we wake to is apparent in any station in life.
somebody close to me always says ‘ mama, maisha ni harsh ugly story ni kuchomwa na jua, na kunyeshewa na mvua, hustla bila ambition si hustla’
when all is said and done, Do ur Best leave the rest to God…. reach for the highest.

from me to you………………………………………..amare poeta

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