its as though I am not complete,

there is a gaping vacuum,

and i watch my self from a distance,

coz only from a distance am i able to bear what it is I see,

i see a raw desire,

the makings of which cannot be compared with a raging fire,

my hands are tired; aching from the constant stretching and reaching,

when oh when no how will i finally be free of this wanting

this yearning, i have done practically everything,

its concievable, i have tried nearly the unthinkable,

seen things, done things, thought things,changed things,

always and never attaining freedom my wanton incarceration.

its like longing, pining to be filled,

i would even take it if i could, i have covered it over,

that would induce a mistaken sense of rest,

lest the day should come that i would be right back at it again

its a craving to be filled,

a desire to be complete,

a yearning to be re-united,

a longing to be free and free indeed.

what are you craving for to fill your vacuum?

…………………………………………….amare poeta

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