tear drop

ur home in my eyes,
is salty sweet,

u see what i see,
u free what i feel,

ur warmly carress me,
as u flow down my cheek,

u touch my heart
and fall

u fall into a vessel,
drop by drop u rise,

u rise
and u fill up this vessel,

u will water,
and u will quench,

from that vessel u will pour,
u will soften,

from that vessel you will quench,
the pain

from that vessel  u will rain,
u will bring forth my dream
Take heart. The Good Lord neither slumbers nor sleeps. if you lean not on your
own understanding and acknowlegde Him always, He shall make your ways straight.

and when all is said and done……. God says that he keeps all your tears in avessel……
that they are all recorded. not one goes to waste.

from me to you

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