someone loved me……

someone loved me but i didnt know,

all the while he helped me grow,

conditions or desertion he never did show.

all day and night i looked for everyone but him,

days and nights apart from him grim,

unknowing of the love that fills to the brim.

finally i heard him call me by my name,

to the door of my heart he calmly came,

gently, not forcefully like some cruel game.

i opened the door and saw him for the 1st time,

i was filled with joy as a bloom in its prime,

his love and mercy erased my crime.

so much he loved me, he died for me,

and because he is alive i will live for he,

until he comes again to take me home free.

Today i chose to speak of real love, an example for each of us. true love that is not for selfish gain. Manyif not all of us know that famous love scripture 1st Corinthians 13. Paul was not trying to just scorepoints as one of the greatest writers of his time. He understood something. Something deep and real.

That when all is said and done true love is no myth. Realise that there is a God who loves and wont just promise to die for you but went ahead and done did it.

from me to you

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