She is there to the end,

She is a shoulder to lean on,

she brings happiness,

she is a soldier who will stand her ground,

she is a rock on her you can always rely,

She exudes true beauty,

she is frank and honest,

her smile is radiant like the sun breaking throutg the clouds,

her eyes are its reflection on a water crest,

her manner is of confidence,

her being is exquisite,

her smile is contagious,

her laugh is irresistable,

Her love is true,

her rebuke is deadly but her approval is abird on which you fly high

she is your mother, your sister, your daughter, your wife, your woman. the woman in your life.

The bible says that a woman who trusts in the Lord is to be esteemed.

so when all is said and done turn to the woman in your life and tell her she is..

from me to you.

2 thoughts on “HER STORY

  1. Great. Now this is real poetry> beautiful in all senses!

    Someone commented on Prov 31 and said The woman is described to do 14things at a time when the man is only sitting at the gate!

    God bless women, n may the joy of the Lord be their strength!


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