his is a story that is untold,

Poetry in the mute begins to unfold,

he was born and bred, not very old,

victorious and royal; he is bold,

towering yet not cold,

A treasure that cannot be sold,

A precious stone a kin to gold,

A diamond wonder to behold.

He walks the path unbeaten,

rebellious though not a heathen,

many are his toils en route to heaven,

only resting in the hope he is given,

A noble cause he has undertaken,

the rewards of which steadily ripen,

Many he has and will enlighten,

by the birth of his hopes and dreams begotten.

We all have men in our lives.

from our fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, husbands, boyfriends, crushes, friends, strange guyz at the supermarket and the guy in traffic.

all of them have a story, a life, a woman who loves them and a God who guides them.

As women we want them to be a certain way and even if he is not you can rest assured that He will be just fine. the bible says; A man planeth in his heart but God guides his steps.

when all is said and done just Let Go and Let GOD!

from me to you.

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