what to do…….?

A new day?

Wake up to it.


Step up and take it.


Let go and wear it.


Loosen up and have it.

A hurdle?

Gear up and jump over it.

A struggle?

Pray through and learn from it.

A pain?

Go through and grow from it.

A challenge?

dig deep and embrace it.


Shake it off and face it.


Stretch out your hand and receive it.


Give and receive it.

Good or bad?

Look up and trust in it.

In life we are faced with so many issues.

It is so easy to conveniently say “I just cant.”

when all is said and done dont give in to that self-composed lie. The fact is , you can!. The good book says to commit your ways to the Lord and he will guide you. So just do it.

from me to you

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