is it a state of mind?

A contentment of kind?

An illusion we sometimes find?

elusive or not?

Is it something we all crave?

A reserve of the brave?

To be found before or after the grave?


Is it to be found in vanity,

At the expense of sanity,

Or lost in proirity?


Is it inside of us,

Outside us,

Beyond us?


Is it true contentment?

A divine impartment?

Or material impartment?

Are you happy?

Are you at peace?

Are you content?

Or are you just confused?

When was the last time you asked yourself & answered truthfully answered yourself?

Not with what you think, heard saw or believe? but the real unadulterated truth we all fear but few confront.

When all is said and done a truth remains. the bible says”seek your happiness in the Lord and He shall give you your hearts desire.”

what is your heart’s desire?

from  me to you.

4 thoughts on “HAPPINESS

  1. atimes we find ourselves so hopeless and dead within and need such pieace of mind for our broken hearts hoping we will wake up to abetter tomorrow! . . . so inspirational dia exactly what i needed for this long jani!


  2. atimes we find ourselves empty and dead within and need such for our broken hearts and hope to wake up to abetter and brighter tomorrow! . . so inspirational,exactly what i need for this long jani


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