all through the pages i read that love letter,

the words held me safely in their embrace,

all my life i will trust that love letter,

for he is not one that he should lie,

all through time i await the author of that love letter,

i am not lonely or sad for he will soon come to take me away,

all the way i will cherish that love letter,

its words shall carry me through everything,

forever more i will believe that love letter for it lights my way,

forever i will hold that love letter, for its words are alive and sharp and powerful,

forever i will keep in my heart that love letter,

for it guards my heart,

forever i will follow that love letter for its words are from him to me.

You may have noticed that i love to quote from the bible and the you are definately going to see alot more of that because when all is said and done, His word remains.

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