i am the voice crying out,

i dare you to hear me.

i am the secret everyone knows but no one reveals,

i dare you to expose me,

i am the truth pushed to the shadows,

i dare you to shine a light,

i am the one you ignored,

i dare you to see me,

i am the tear on somebody’s face,

i dare you to wipe me away,

i am the status-quo,

i dare you to change me,

i  am that opportunity,

i dare you to take me,

i am the way, the truth and the life,

i dare you to  come with me,

i am your conscience,

i dare you to listen to me.

no matter how we like to frame it we live in  these cosy little “comfortzones” so today when all is said and done…………………………………………….

I DARE you to step out!

from me to you

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