yesterday i forgot to ask for protection,
but he remembered to protect me,

i forgot to ask for another day to live
but he remembered to add just another,

when i was crying alone in my room,
he remembered to comfort me,

when things went wrong and everyone forgot me,
he remembered me,

when i forgot to love my neighbour,
he remembered to tell my neighbour i needed love

when i forgot to feed that hungry child,
he remembered to provide food for him,

when i forgot the way to salvation,
he remembered to send his son to the cross,

when i forgot to turn to him
he remembered to knock at the door of my heart.

everyday we wake up and go, go, go. vaguely aware of what it takes for us to be alive and well. quite frankly many if not al of us take all these simple things for granted.

Our lives, our loved ones, our very existence. we forget that for everything we see there is so much more that we dont see.

The bible says that He knows us each one by name.when all is said and done Do you think that it just happened by chance?

from me to you
by julz

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