there is a voice i long to hear,

saying things that will tear,

there is a place i long to go,

but the road between is perilous lo!,

there is a way i long to be,

but the work of the chisel will be hard on me,

there is a thing i long for,

but with it a sacrifice with no or.

Have you ever had a toothache?

if you have then you will agree that it had to go.

and when you had it removed, how was that like.

no party in that i bet?!

so it is in life, we have goals, dreams, aspirations and even those mundane daily obligations that need to get done and maybe you will agree that its not always a “pleasurable experience”. but that does not change the fact that it must be done.

it hurts, pisses us off, or just completely annoys the living daylights out of you but once done……………… its good. it hurt but hurt good.

the bible says that gold is passed through the refiners fire 7times to be of pure quality.  And so when all is said and done it hurts, yes. but it hurts good.

from me to you.

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