From pen to paper,

nothing but ink came forth,

No feeling, no story,

just the sound of a voice.

It was cold and sinister,

a barren engagement,

between sound snd significance,

devoid of thought or action.

A galore of perfectly framed words and letters,

vacant utterances complete in vanity,

full of nothing, an overflowing vacuum,

that is what it is to have a word without meaning.

Has someone ever made you a promise they didnt keep?

or looked you dead in the eye and lied?

how did you feel?

We have very little we can control in this life .the good book  says that the tongue is very small but extremely powerful. The power of life and death are in it. and those who can control it learn a lesson in wisdom.

Wash your mouth out with soap if need be but when all is said and done a word is bond so today speak life, speak truth, or dont speak at all.

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